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JÜ Plate (Blue-Gray)

JÜ Plate (Blue-Gray)

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The '' series is a design inspired by blooming flower.

This signature pale blue glaze is clean and refreshing, a contemporary piece that allows all kinds of food from main dishes to desserts to take the center stage.

The Jü plates are available in 3 sizes and in Blue-Gray.

Product Information:

Origin Gifu, Japan
Dimensions 6.5" Dessert Plate - D16.4 x H2.4cm
8.25" Serving Plate - D20.9 x H3.1cm
9.65" Dinner Plate - D24.5 x H3.5cm
Material Ceramic; Porcelain



Item is not suitable for oven and open fire use.
Each piece is handcrafted by the makers in Japan

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