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Toyo Sasaki Glass

HS Platnium Fino 280ml Stackable Glass

HS Platnium Fino 280ml Stackable Glass

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Light, durable, and stackable - they’ll save counter space!

A good design award winning piece! The Fino Stackable glasses are a minimalist's favourite addition to their homes. Whether you're a cosy family of 2 or hosting a large group, these stackable pieces will not just look gorgeous on your tables but easily stored away without taking up too much space. 

Part of our HS Platinum range, the glasses are made by HS or "Hard & Strong" technology, a proprietary thermal and ionic treatment method which makes this glassware collection durable and scratch resistant despite its delicate appearance. These glasses are great for all kinds of cold beverages.

Save when you purchase a pack of 6.


Product Information:


φ80×H80・Maximum Diameter 80mm | 320mℓ

Material Soda Lime Glass
Origin Made in Japan


This item is dishwasher safe. 


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