Choosing the right dinnerware colour for my home

Choosing the right dinnerware colour for my home

How do I know what colours should I choose for my dinnerware?
For sure, white goes well with anything but that can get a little boring sometimes don't you think? Here's the thing, we know that the colour of our dinner plate matters aesthetically but we also want it to be able to match our kitchen, dining room, dining table, etc.

Fun fact: Did you know that the colour of the plate also affects how much you food you consume. You might just want to lay off that amount of white rice you put on your white plate if you're on a diet (; Then again, who can say no to home-cooked food? 


White Dinnerware


Starting with the classic basics. You can never go wrong with white dinnerware. They're timeless, clean and typically allows ANYTHING you put on them take the center stage. Many restaurants choose whites as well as it gives diners a perceived larger portion due to the contrast. 

Table Pairing Pick: Wood (light), Stone

We would recommend:

Oasis Collection | Base Piece

Gordon Ramsay by Royal Doulton Maze White 4-Piece Set


Off White Dinnerware


Rising up in popularity in the recent years, people have been turning to these naturally-toned alternatives (such as stoneware, speckled, bamboo, etc.) for that artisan dining experience. It's modern, yet familiar and not too formal. 

Table Pairing Pick: Wood (dark/light), Glass, Stone

We would recommend:

Daybreak Collection | Base Piece


Base II Collection | Base Piece


Black Dinnerware


May not be the most intuitive pick when it comes to dinnerware but still a popular pick especially with restaurants. Black/Darker Toned dinnerware are striking when served and unlike the white, black dinnerware are usually available in a larger variety of shapes and glazes. Our personal pick when it comes to sharing plates as it spices things up on the dining table yet very versatile like it's white counterparts. 

Table Pairing Pick: Wood (dark), Glass, Whites, Stone, Marble

We would recommend:



Safdie & Co. Dinnerset Premium Dinnerware Set, 12Pcs, Black

Natón Collection by Base Piece Dinnerware Set



Glass Dinnerware

French Glass Dinnerware on Food52

When it comes to aesthetics, glass dinnerware is definitely one of those that pairs well with any other dinnerware piece you set the table with. For those who are looking to have something more than the basics, check out those that have patterned embossments, rims or even colours!

Table Pairing Pick: Whites, Blacks, Wood, Marble, Stone

We would recommend:


Duralex Made In France Lys Stackable Glass Bowl



Anchor Hocking Oven Basics 6-Inch Mini Pie Plate


Earthy/Rustic Dinnerware


Think warm, rich tones with hues of yellows, sage green, blues, dark browns. Your wooden tableware falls under this category too. Many restaurants use these to emphasise their nutritional value so you'll see quite a good amount of pairings with salads especially.

Table Pairing Pick: White, Black, Glass, Wood

We would recommend:

Tychicus Collection (Mocha) | Base Piece






Dansk Wood Classics 16-Inch Round Salad Bowl 3-Piece Set



Brightly Coloured/Patterned Dinnerware

Ocean Waves Dinnerware Set | west elm

Ahhh, the statement pieces! Often used alongside other dinnerware as an add-on, these are especially for those who are looking for some unique pieces to spice things up a little or have a certain theme in their homes. 

Table Pairing Pick: Marble, White, Black, Glass, Wood, Stone

We would recommend:

Moon Collection | Base Piece




Midnight Collection | Base Piece



Dinnerware with Rims


And finally for those who wants a little something extra on their standard white pieces. Usually on the lips of the plates, the varying colours and embellishments possible will complement different styles or cuisines. It's completely up to you on this one. 

We would recommend:

Pfaltzgraff Carmen Brown 16-Piece Stoneware

Panoplia Collection | Base Piece




Ultimately, there's no right or wrong when it comes to selecting your tableware. Most importantly, you should personally enjoy using the dinnerware you've selected because hey, these are investments that are meant for your long-term use. 

Interested to understand how to better select your dinnerware? Here's more on what essential pieces you should have in your new homes and selecting dinnerware shapes.


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