Whiskey Glasses Gift Box Set

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The Whiskey Gift Box is a special set specially put together for the perfect gift. Featuring a linen exterior with velvet inner lining and a slight touch of floral patterns, and a wooden button.

Each gift box holds 2 pieces of Whiskey Glasses - a simple yet unique gift! 


You may select from any of the following Whiskey Glasses:


1) Hexa Gold Rim Whiskey Glasses:
Rim-D6.5cm | H9.5cm | Base-D10cm

Matte Glazed; Hand Painted Rims

2) Crown-Cut Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses:
D8cm x H9cm

- High and low temperature water can be poured in but instantaneous difference should not exceed 60degrees celcius. 

- Do allow slight manufacturing differences; glass bubbles may be present due to it's production firing process and are perfectly normal