[*Seconds*] Auburn Cup & Saucer

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Seconds are products that have very slight defects such as uneven coating, slightly burnt glaze,  etc. Please rest assure that this however in no way affects the usability of the product unless stated. All seconds sold are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Photo sample of defects as shown (coming soon).

With hues of browns and greens, the Auburn Dinnerware Collection features a warm earthy tone that brings out the added vintage charm to your tables. 

Fired at high temperature to achieve that glossy crackle glaze drip finish. Easy to wash and does not scratch easily.

Product Information:

Dimensions D18.5cm x H5.7cm
Material Ceramic; Porcelain


Suitable for use in Microwaves and Dishwashers.


As every piece is individually glazed and fired, please note that every piece will vary in colour and patterns and that's what makes it unique. It will not be possible for us to provide you with identical pieces.