Natón Breakfast Set

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The Natón Dinnerware Collection features a minimal, functional yet unique take on your basic dinnerware pieces. Boasting an irregular shape – every tableware in this collection differs slightly yet retains the simplicity that pairs perfectly for any home.

The Natón Breakfast Set includes:
1 x 10" Asymmetrical Plate and 1 x Mug.

Product Information:


Asymmetrical Plate:
L25.4cm x W17cm x H4.4cm

L11.3cm x W8.6cm x H10cm

Material Ceramic; Porcelain
Colours Asymmetrical Plate (Black)
Mug (Grey)

Made of Porcelain, the Natón tableware were fired at high temperature to achieve that glossy finish. Easy to wash and does not scratch easily.