Full Moon 6-Piece Couple Set

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Inspired by the captivating moonlight. The Moon Collection features a glaze mottled with hues of grey, blue and green – a volcanic, rustic tone that brings out any dish.

Hand painted, every piece is a unique piece of its own. The Full Moon Set is a 6-Piece set that consists of 1 Sharing Plate, 2 Side Plate, 1 Noodle Bowl and 2 Small Rice Bowl.

Product Information:


Sharing Plate - ⌀26cm x H3cm

Side Plate - ⌀20cm x H3cm

Noodle Bowl⌀16cm x H11cm

Rice Bowl⌀11.7cm x H4.8cm

Material Specially-made fine stoneware, with reactive glaze 
Colours - One colour only; as per image


Save ~25% when you purchase this as a set

Item is Microwave and Dishwasher safe only