Acacia Lookbook - Ceramic Dinnerware Set - Wood and White Colour

[LOOKBOOK] The Acacia Collection

Let's just say this could be the definition of best of both worlds.

Introducing the Acacia Dinnerware Collection - the ideal combination of a white based interior and a wooden looking exterior that reminds us of holiday vibes. This dinnerware collection not just give our food the spotlight but also makes a perfect piece to view on it's own. This 3-piece collection includes a Flat Dinner Plate, a Deep Serving Plate and an Oval Long Plate.

Whether you're a new home owner looking for just the basics or someone looking to add on new pieces to your collection, these practical pieces are just what you need for serving and sharing. 



The Acacia Collection will be launching this Friday, 17th July at 8.30pm 

Be sure not to miss it!